Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doll Dresses By Symi Dolls! Big thanks!

hey everyone! I thought I'd post some of my doll's outfits made by blogger symidolls.blogspot.com! She's Great!
Thank You for everything and We love the outfits! I meant to post these a LONG time ago but oh well!:)

(Sorry it's so long!)
Here are some Photo's!

Samantha Says 'Thank You symidolls!'

Samantha And Julie Love these outfits!

Dawn(Samantha Doll also)
and pepper!

 Look great with Maryjanes! (It was cold Outside so the Grass is gray. It was winter when these were taken:))

 I just Love this picture!

 Ball Gowns!

 Bella! (3rd Samantha ;) )
 Elizabeth With Crazy hair haha(:

 Details on Kirsten's Dress!

 Details On bella's dress!

 I love the pick ups!
 Details On elizabeth's dtess!:)